Centrifuge Calibration Services by Rotational and Thermal measurement.

Is your laboratory centrifuge working correctly?  Most technicians and laboratory personnel would look at their centrifuge and see the internal apparatus spinning, falsely assuming the device is in perfect condition. The dial reads 5000 RPM and temperature indicator reads 37 degrees Celsius, so everything must be fine.  Not exactly.  Centrifuges rotation can vary greatly while temperature tends to be lower during rotation.  The only acceptable way to calibrate and validate a centrifuge is by employing external rotational measurement devices.  These devices, known as tachometers, use laser reflection to accurately and consistently measure rotation. Centrifuge calibration services are not all the same. When choosing a service provide or calibration company, like ECS Metrology, ensure the calibration service includes linear checks. Centrifuges should be validated against the entire operable range of the device, from 10 RPM to over 50000 RPM.  Temperature should be measured during the rotation and when the rotation has ceased to ensure consistent results during operation.  Before a calibration company performs the centrifuge calibration service, the company should apply the necessary lubricants to all rotational parts. Service should include preventative maintenance on gaskets, locking mechanism, centrifuge bolts and viewing window.  Cleaning of the external and internal parts with a noncorrosive solution is to be performed after the preventive maintenance.  Following these steps will ensure your device is working correctly and extend your devices life.  For service, you can visit our site at www.ecs-metrology.com



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