Pipette Calibration Proficiency Testing

Companies performing ISO/IEC Certified pipette calibration service are required to prove their laboratories competence through Proficiency Testing for the entire scope.  This test is usually performed by multiple laboratories, with the results of each laboratory compared to one another.  For pipette calibration service and calibration service in general, the proficiency testing ensures proper pipette technique and accurate dispensing.

ECS Metrology has completed their proficiency testing via NAPT, the National Association for Proficiency Testing with a high quality score. This score has provided our customers and clients the trust they need when selecting their calibration company. To view our scores you can visit our website and email us with your question.

Given our score quality, ECS Metrology is capable of calibrating pipettes at .5 uL using a 5 place balance.  Our pipette uncertainties have been reduced to ensure we are within NAPT’s requirements. Our certificate of calibration has been edited to include this measurement with real time calculations.

The Scope of Accreditation will be expanded to include Balances, and ECS will be required to participate in Balance Proficiency Testing.  This is expected to occur in the summer of 2018. Fingers crossed our balance score is just as good if not better than our pipette calibration service score.


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