ECS Metrology expands SOP’s to cover Electrical Calibration Services

With the use of Multi-function Calibrator’s (MFC’s), specifically the Martel MC-1200, Equipment Calibration Services can now service Data-loggers, Fluke Meters, Multi-meters and Oscilloscopes. The Multi-function Calibrator is capable of “sourcing” electrical signals to the device we are calibrating. When the signals are sourced, the device under test (DUT, the device that is being serviced) produces a reading that is dependent on the sourced signal. An example includes sourcing voltage to a DUT. The DUT will read the source and a calibration certificate will be developed based on these numbers. If the MFC reads 5.000 V and the DUT reads 4.999, a pass/fail certificate will be generated based on the customers specification. Besides sourcing voltage, the MFC is capable of sourcing amperage, pressure and thermocouple simulations. Along with our thermocouple simulation, we can calibrate temperature controlled centrifuges and all devices using the majority of  thermocouple types. For more information, visit our website at



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